Blow up


Blow Up

photography installation, 2 framed photographs, one photo on blus back paper


As a continuation of the work Visions, this installation questions the photographic limits of representation. The installation Blow up, refers directly to the 1967 film by Michelangelo Antonioni and questions how images can minterpose themselves between the eye and reality. In Antonioni's movie, a photograph is blown up so as to reveal the presence of a corpse, that is difficult to identify because of the grainy texture of the photograph. In the movie, the spectator is balancing on a fragile frontier between reality and imagination and at the end, has to face an unsolved plot.

At the airport of Rodez, Edith Roux photographed a seemingly-insignificant landscape absent of airplanes. Like Antonioni, the artist tends to photograph what is beside the events. The image, once blown up, reveals the presence of a bird. The pixels on the photo enable us to view the image, but are preventing us from seeing it at the same time. The pixels act as a filter to our eyes. Reality fades away and seems to escape us. Beyond the reflective aspect on photography that is part of this installation, the presence of a bird on a runway forces us to face environmental issues.