Green shoes


Pedestal, 2018, sculpture 35 cm on white pedestal ( h:120 cm x L: 33 cm)

Unselfie, 2016, sculpture 35 cm

Color 3D printing


The character with the green shoes created by Edith Roux for some of her videos, is represented here in 3D sculptures.

With Pedestal, the character is hanging on a pedestal, in a fragile situation, trying to get on to the pedestal or ready to fall? The pedestal, becomes as important as the sculpture itsef. The position of the character questions the state of sculpture, manufactured only with machines and conceived from digital photography files. This work is an extension of the artist's photography work which presents some new issues concerning sculpture, with humor.


With Unselfie, the character's arm, holding a cell phone, lies on the pedestal, like the fragment of an antique sculpture