Ciné décalé







Ciné décalé, Video HD 4'02", 2019 (see video extract)


A photograph representing an abandonned movie screen in Grand Bassam, dating back to the colonial time in the Ivory coast is directly sticked up on the wall.

A video filmed in Abobo, a district north of Abidjan, represents 3 Ivorians dancing on the rythm of Coupé décalé. The video is projected on the screen covering but also revealing the traces left by time on the screen.

Coupé décalé, created by the Ivorian diaspora in Paris is here re-enchanting the abandonned screen. At the end of the video, the room lights turn on and the spectator is left in front of an empty screen.


Music by Debordo Leekunfa

with Miracle, Zibonge, Radar