Les passant.e.s






Les passant.e.s, 2019, (see video extract)

Video installation on 3 screens

Video HD, sound, 10'45''

Choregraphy and dance : Mufasa / Music : Nicolas Repac

An androgynous dancer moves amid a cloud of mayflies (ephoron virgo), insects that appear in the evening, only for a few weeks, at the end of summer. They emerge from the water, mate in flight and then die after a few hours. The danse amid the flying insects evoques the fragility of our existence. The character crosses 3 different screens. The choregraphy evolves simultaneously with the change of the costume colours. Sometimes, the dancer seems to be seducing another dancer, male, female or androgynous, figure of otherness, that is part of each of us. The fluidity of identity, is here represented by the different changes of colours and genders. This crossing, where all types of encounters are possible and where choregraphy embodies the metamorphosis of the character, places the question of identity at the center of a movement that is never finalised.

This project received financial support from La Fondation des artistes