Twin Oaks






Twin Oaks, Photographic film, HD 27', 2023 (see video extract)

According to Donna Haraway, new narratives are needed to move us out of the sense of paralysis caused by the Anthropocene era. This photographic film was made in Virginia, USA, within the intergenerational and multicultural community of Twin Oaks, created in 1967. The visual form adopted seeks to reflect the multiplicity of points of view, both human and non-human ( dog, cat, bee, etc.). The community today brings together around a hundred people. It practices a way of life that reflects the values ​​of cooperation, human and gender equality, non-violence, income sharing and ecological sustainability. It aims to be inclusive of queers and people of color. A viable economic system – manufacturing hammocks, tofu, etc. – guarantees it a certain autonomy. Each person is involved in decision-making, with consensus being preferred. In the face of climate challenges and growing inequality, is the community of Twin Oaks a relevant alternative to the consumerist capitalist system? In a poetic way, this immersive photographic film seeks to observe in all its complexity, this other way of inhabiting a territory.

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